Top 5 WooCommerce Plugins to Improve Product Variations

A problem that I witnessed myself while using WooCommerce was creating product variations and displaying them in style for customers.

You can read my earlier post on how to create WooCommerce variations for your products

Products with variations can be sold more if you use some smart improvements.

Luckily, you can add product variation attributes to your products with the help of WordPress and WooCommerce. 

WooCommerce allows you to add variations to a single product such as color, price, size, images, or any other specific feature your product might have.

For example, you can add a shoe size as a variable for the shoes you sell on your online store. Thus, whenever visitors come to your site to purchase a t-shirt, they can select the desired t-shirt size and only choose between the ones that fit. 

It will grab the attention of the buyer and help to create a desire to choose a variant.  Improving variable products is essential and necessary. But, the default functionality that comes with WooCommerce is uninvolving. 

However, to improve user engagement, we have listed some of the best WooCommerce plugins that can improve WooCommerce product variation functionality –

1. WooCommerce Variation Swatches

variation swatches

WooCommerce Variation Swatches plugin is currently one of the best plugins to create a new experience for WooCommerce product variations. 

This Attribute Swatches plugin helps you to display your products using more variations and increase your chances of selling. It turns a simple product attribute select drop-down into beautiful swatches. You can easily impress your site visitors with colors, buttons, and image swatches. 

The plugin reached at 200K+ active installations and more than 2 M downloads with 400+ five star reviews.

This WooCommerce plugin is the only Variation Swatches plugin in the market that runs 100k+ websites. It is compatible with major themes in the market, including OceanWP, Flatsome, Divi, and 100k more themes.

Some exciting features of this plugin include:

  • Convert button swatches to dropdown if required.
  • Compatible with major themes and plugins.
  • Auto converts all variation dropdowns to button swatch by default.
  • Enable Color and Image Swatches for variable product attribute variations.
  • Enable label/text/button swatches for variable product attribute swatches.
  • Convert globally created attribute variations into color, label, and image swatches.
  • Option to globally select Squared and Rounded variation swatches shape.
  • Shows cross signs for Out of Stock variation swatches up to 30 variations.

Woo Variation Swatches is a pretty useful plugin that can help to customize the product variation attributes, making it much more attractive than the default style.

2. Additional Variation Images Gallery

variation images

Additional Variation Images Gallery plugin allows uploading multiple images for each product variation. 

This plugin’s features help to show a different set of images to visitors for product variation like Color, Size, Style at the same time.

WooCommerce comes with basic options to insert a single image for product variation. It allows inserting a single image per product variation. That’s why the WooCommerce Additional Variation Images Gallery plugin is an incredible option to pick. 

It has reached at 10K+ active installations and almost 200K downloads with 50+ five star reviews.

Some exciting features of this plugin include:

  • Display Unlimited Variation Images per Product Variation
  • Display YouTube, Vimeo, Hosted Video Per Product Variation
  • Responsive Attribute Variation Image Gallery Width
  • Preload Styles on Images like Fade, Blur, and Gray
  • Automatic Gallery Image Slide
  • Variation Video Width and Height
  • Gallery Width and Bottom Gap Control
  • Enable Main Image Popup
  • Slider and Thumbnail Slider Arrow Control
  • Left, Right and Bottom Gallery Thumbnail Display Control

Additional Variation Images plugin helps customers to compare a particular product. You can boost the power and flexibility to use WooCommerce.

3. Advanced Dynamic Pricing for WooCommerce

Advanced Dynamic Pricing for WooCommerce plugin helps you to set discounts and pricing rules for your WooCommerce store quickly.

You can set up your desired discount or dynamic pricing, and active/ deactivate rules as needed. 

Customers are always looking for the best deals for a product, and it is even better if you can offer such discounts without much hassle. You can even set special promotions based on specific variation attributes in your store.

For example, you can set up a 20% discount for any products with a blue color variant in your WooCommerce store.

Some features of this plugin include:

  • Modify the price for each product separately
  • Validate conditions for cart items, dates, or user roles
  • Show or hide original prices
  • Apply cart discounts and fees
  • Set rule for products which already on sale

In WooCommerce, enabling dynamic pricing means you won’t have to run around creating individual discount codes or changing prices manually. All you need is the right plugin. 

4. Product Variations Table for WooCommerce

Product Variations Table for WooCommerce plugin displays your online store’s product variations in a data table users can filter and find the product they need. 

It replaces the conventional select field dropdown with a dynamic table that shows users to search for products by color, size, and style. Add to cart button beside each table item simplifies the shopping experience. 

In some scenarios, users not yet ready to order can also extract product variation sheets to review offline and make a purchase decision in their own time. 

Some features of this plugin include:

  • Add specific product attributes and variations in a table
  • Use data tables to showcase product variety
  • Ajax-based filters ensure faster product search for customers
  • Customize the table layout to match it with your store theme
  • Users can extract product variations in Excel, PDF, CSV, or print format  

Product Variations Table for WooCommerce plugin makes it easy to list variations as a table layout or as dropdowns on pages.

5. WooCommerce Product Add-Ons Ultimate

WooCommerce Product Add-Ons Ultimate plugin allows your customers to customize your products. It lets your customers choose the options they want. 

This plugin has the option to provide specific information about each variation. You can use this to display any additional product data.

Some features of this plugin include:

  • Optionally display different fields for different variations
  • Add custom fields to multiple variations
  • Charge for extra options based on the value of the product or variation
  • Add fields globally or per product
  • Display additional cost and summary panel

With this plugin, you can add extra options to your products like text boxes, checkboxes, dropdowns, and radio buttons.

WooCommerce product variations plugin can help you to convince people to purchase more products. Thus, we have decided to focus on choosing plugins to increase the sales for variable products of your WooCommerce store. 

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