Additional Variation Images Gallery for WooCommerce

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Additional Variation Images Gallery plugin allows uploading multiple images for each product variation. The features of this plugin help to show a different set of images to visitors for product variation like Color, Size, Style at the same time.

By default, WooCommerce comes with a basic option to insert a single image for product variation. That means it doesn’t allow inserting more than a single variation image. But this is a crucial feature when it comes to selling a product. Because it’s going to help to drive sales and conversions.

That is why the WooCommerce Additional Variation Images Gallery plugin is an incredible option to pick. It helps customers to compare a particular product from multiple options. A well-documented and optimized plugin that support major WooCommerce themes in the market.

Key Features of WooCommerce Additional Variation Images plugin

Multiple Variation Images plugin is helpful when it comes to displaying multiple images for WooCommerce product attribute variation. WooCommerce variation images help shop owners to present in-depth details of variation products.

It’s a very effective plugin to make variation image presentations awesome and artistic. Besides, it has more useful features that allow boosting product conversion.

Display Unlimited Variation Images per Product Variation

WooCommerce Variation Images Gallery plugin provides the feature to display unlimited images as a gallery, for each product variation. This means, for each variation it allows inserting any number of images to your variable product variations.

unlimited additional variation images

There is a limitation with the default WooCommerce functionally. As it allows inserting only a single additional image for one variation. However, WooCommerce Additional Variation Images Gallery plugin brings an excellent option to add multiple images for each product variation.

Display YouTube, Vimeo, Hosted Video Per Product Variation

The Additional Variation Gallery plugin enables adding extra images per product variation for product gallery images. Additionally, it allows inserting unlimited YouTube, Vimeo and self-hosted videos with ease.  

video per product variation

Adding a video to product variations is beneficial to the store’s sales and customer experience. That’s why we brought this effective option to add embed video into the gallery from YouTube, Vimeo, and other platforms. It also allows uploading self-hosted videos into the image gallery manually.

Responsive Attribute Variation Image Gallery Width

WooCommerce Additional Variation plugin has the option to specify width for large, medium, small and extra small devices. That means, gallery width can be controlled based on website viewing devices. In addition, it provides the option to set preload style on images. 

attribute variation images

The plugin comes with excellent options to set the width. The feature of specifying width is fully responsive, mobile-friendly and compatible with any devices.

Preload Styles on Images like Fade, Blur, and Gray

This is another impressive feature of this Extra Variation Images plugin. It helps to prevent delays when the page is being loaded. The plugin offers to choose desired styles on images, such as ‘Fade’, ‘Blur’, or ‘Gray’ while preloading.

Multiple Image Selection While Uploading Variation Images from Media Gallery

WooCommerce Additional Variation Image plugin offers to upload multiple images from the media gallery. Unlimited images can be selected each time while inserting a product variation image gallery.

multiple variation image selection

Note that, only one image is supported by default WooCommerce. That’s time consuming and more hassle. So, it’s time to say goodbye to one image selection for each time.

Automatic Gallery Image Slide

WooCommerce Additional Variation plugin enables the gallery to slide automatically. Customers can view product additional images without manually changing them. The plugin also offers to control gallery auto play speed.

Website visitors have to manually change the gallery image to view corresponding variation images with default WooCommerce. However, our automatic gallery image slide feature enhances the visual appeal of available variation products.

Variation Video Width and Height

When videos are inserted for a variation gallery, it may create black areas to some extent at the top and bottom. Because the gallery dimension of each image may not be the same. To overcome this situation, we have added an option to specify variation video height and width.

variation video size

For having a different dimension, black areas appear on the image. That sometimes looks unappealing to customers. The proper use of this feature of Additional Variation Image plugin can fix that issue.

Gallery Width and Bottom Gap Control

The Additional Variation Images plugin allows controlling gallery width and gallery bottom gap between thumbnail. It helps to place variation images according to website theme design.

The plugin is packed with amazing settings to impress website visitors. The gallery width and bottom space can be controlled with the help of our Multiple Variation Images plugin.

Left, Right and Bottom Gallery Thumbnail Display Control

WooCommerce Extra Variation Image Gallery plugin has extended the feature of gallery thumbnail. It allows to control the gallery thumbnail position to the right, left and bottom.

gallery thumbnail

Default WooCommerce comes with a product variation gallery with a thumbnail feature. But, the feature of our plugin enables to move the thumbnail display position to left, right and bottom.

Enable Thumbnail Slide

WooCommerce Variable Product attribute variation image gallery can be displayed in multiple ways. This plugin has the feature to display gallery images in a slider or shows all thumbnails images one after another in the grid.

thumbnail slide

Slider helps to present a product in a proper view. On the other hand, thumbnails are great as it lets the user realize there are more images for them to see. With the help of this plugin either feature can be selected for displaying gallery pictures.  

Thumbnails Item Number and Gap Control

Additional Variation Images plugin offers to specify the number of images in a single thumbnail slider. It enables showing any number of images from 4 to 8 limits. Additionally, gaps for the images can be specified between thumbnails.

thumbnails item

Thumbnails are one of the crucial features of this Extra Variation Images Gallery plugin. This plugin lets you have more control over the product thumbnails item images.

Slider and Thumbnail Slider Arrow Control

The WooCommerce Variation Images Gallery plugin consists of two parts. One is the main image part and the other is the thumbnail image part. Both parts come with an option to enable or disable image sliding slideshow indicating arrow.

slide & thumbnail slider

It’s best practice to show the gallery slider arrow and thumbnail slider arrow for the WooCommerce variation product gallery. That’s why we have added the option to enable gallery slider and thumbnail slider arrow. However, it also allows disabling the arrows as well.

Product Variation Image Zoom

WooCommerce Extra Variation Gallery plugin is packed with the product featured image zoom option. It is one of the high converting product image gallery features. However, this plugin also has the option to disable the zoom option if required.

product variation image

It’s a great way to display products from different angles. WooCommerce store visitors can view product images closely before making a purchase. This feature is an easy way to give an amazing experience to customers.

Popup Icon Display Position

By default, WooCommerce Additional Images gallery plugins zoom icon appears at the right top corner of the screen. That popup icon display position can be changed from the plugin settings.  

popup icon display variation

This Additional image plugin enables the option to set the position of the popup icon. It offers to display a zoom icon in different positions like top right, top left, bottom right, bottom left.

Enable Main Image Popup

WooCommerce Extra Variation Images plugin offers a popup option for the customers to view product images on an exclusive screen. With the help of the image popup feature of our plugin, customers will have the proper view of images from online stores.

Images are worth a thousand words for any WooCommerce stores. That’s why we have added features to view product variation images in the Zoom view. Apart from that, the plugin also allows enabling the main image popup.

Gallery Image Sorting Option

Sorting option allows reordering variation images after uploading it. This feature allows deciding the order of the variation image display in the gallery. It’s an incredible option of WooCommerce Additional Images Gallery plugin.

gallery variation image sorting

By default, WooCommerce does not allow to sort images in galleries. This plugin offers to change how the images of the gallery are arranged by changing the Gallery Sorting options. 

Final Thoughts

Adding more numbers of images to product variations is an effective way to boost WooCommerce store sales. This Additional Variation Images Gallery for WooCommerce plugin is here to boost the power and flexibility to use WooCommerce.

Furthermore, Additional Variation Images plugin helps customers to compare a particular product. Shoppers might want to look for all the available options from the online stores. By providing the option to choose from multiple images, there are more chances to take extra advantages ahead of competitors.