WooCommerce Variation Swatches

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✔ Turn product attribute select dropdown menu into beautiful swatches.

✔ Make WooCommerce site more accessible to impress customers.

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Key features of Variation Swatches for WooCommerce

Variation Swatches for WooCommerce is a simple plugin. But when it comes to its features, the plugin really does a wonderful job.

WooCommerce already has a default drop-down menu for providing variable options. But it shows product variations with an annoying list. 

However, this Variation Swatches plugin turns product attribute select dropdown into beautiful swatches. It means product variation selection dropdown can be changed into color, button, radio, and image swatches.

Website visitors can quickly select their desired variation without pressing any extra clicks. It’s less hassle for them, as well as saves their valuable time.

Auto Convert Dropdown Into Image Swatches When Variation Has a Featured Image Set

Variation Swatches for WooCommerce plugin helps visitors to have the proper overview of products they desire to buy.

It’s not easy to configure each product variation one by one to show image swatches. But, the feature of this Variation Swatches plugin can enable image swatches based on variation featured images.

dropdown into image swatches

There’s no doubt that adding image variation swatches provides a pleasant way to display variations of a product. In place of text attributes, the use of images for product variations makes product listing much easier to interact with.

Display Swatch in Catalog / Archive Page

Variation Swatches for WooCommerce plugin allows swatch on the catalog page. It helps customers to check product variation from the archive page and add them to the cart.

display swatch in catalog archive page

This feature improves the standard of variations and attributes. When the website functionality is improved, automatically it’ll get higher purchase.

Variation Image Tooltip in Catalog / Archive Page

Online store visitors’ experience always needs to be top-of-mind. The variation image tooltip option provides an extra layer of guidance. It becomes easier for visitors to decide whether they really need to take that action or not.

variation image tooltip catalog archive page

Moreover, disable users get extra direction with the help of this feature. By giving all the important details about a product make it easier to convince customers. Make use of attribute image tooltip properly, rather than leave your customer feeling confused.

Text Tooltip in Catalog / Archive Page

To make a website more reader-friendly, product variation swatches have a text tooltip feature. Text tooltip acts like a variation description. It describes more about swatches. It also helps to maximize your site engagement.

text tooltip catalog archive page

Enable text tooltip instead of an image tooltip where necessary to get extra benefits. It’s a good practice to provide extra descriptive info to customers. Not being descriptive enough can drive visitors away.

Dual Color Variation Swatches

In many scenarios, store owners may have variable products with two colors. Variation Swatches for WooCommerce plugin is going to be helpful in such situations.

dual color WooCommerce variation swatches

Dual Color Variation Swatches allow you to insert dual color for a single variation. When you have variable products with two colors, you can define it from a single variation.

Supported With Quick View

Quick view functionality gives store visitors a simpler way to view product details. With the help of our attribute swatches plugin, you can show swatches on the product details page and archive page.

WooCommerce variation swatches supported quick view

Besides that, you can provide shoppers with a “quick view” of the product. By opening a lightbox overlay, it displays a preview of the selected item. Customers are likely to take advantage of this feature.

Display Single Selected Attribute on Shop Page

By using this swatch plugin, either you can show all selected attributes on the shop page or entire attributes on the single product page. It allows you to show only a selected attribute on the shop page. It’s a fantastic way to improve your customer experience.

display single selected attribute

This plugin is the first WooCommerce Variation Swatch to brought this exclusive option besides the general feature.

A product might have multiple attributes. Generally, every WooCommerce variation swatches pro plugin shows all the swatches attribute on the archive pages.

Set More Link To Align Attribute Variation Swatches

In the product category page, the desired number of products can be set with ‘More’ links. It gives an extra point of usability and improves the user experience of shoppers. It’ll help to keep archive page design smooth and beautiful.

set more link to align WooCommerce Variation Swatches

A product might have a different number of swatches. When all swatches are shown in product archive pages, it creates misalignment issues. Additionally, it is allowed to specify how many variation swatches to show for each product.

Change Product Gallery Image Selecting Only Color Variation Like Amazon and Aliexpress (or Selected Variation)

With this WooCommerce Variation Swatches plugin, gallery images can be changed by selecting a single attribute variation. But in general, WooCommerce variable product changes variation image when all available attributes are selected.

For example, a seller might have both color and size variations for products. Selecting any attribute (color or size) the gallery image can be changed. Shoppers don’t need to match the entire attribute variation when this WooCommerce swatch plugin is used.  

Generate Variation Link

This feature to generate variations link is useful for sending any product link of a specific variation. WooCommerce doesn’t come with this feature by default. Variation Swatches for WooCommerce plugin is required to enable this option.

generate variation link

It helps to forward any specific attribute links. Links can be sent to shoppers for direct purchases. Additionally, if shoppers want to share any products through email or on social media, they’ll be able to use a direct link to their preferred variation.

WooCommerce Filter Widgets

WooCommerce Variation Swatches plugin converts Filter Products by Attribute widget into color swatches. So, you can use the widget to enable swatches for the filter dropdown.

This feature will reduce the number of results that the user has to look through. As a result, the purchasing chances will increase significantly.

Product Based Swatch Customization

WooCommerce Variation Swatch plugin gives limitless opportunities for swatch customization. It offers global swatches. Swatch treatment can be applied to all product options.

product based swatch customization

If personalized variations are needed per-product basis, it can be done from the site admin panel. For example, product sellers may want to choose a different attribute type of item. Attribute Variation Swatches plugins has this exclusive feature for product-based swatch customization.

Color Variation Swatch For Product Page

When there are variable attribute products, adding color variations is one of the best ways to bring more life into it. WooCommerce Color Variation Swatch plugin makes it easier for shoppers to choose their desired products from beautiful swatches.

color variation swatch for product

The default WooCommerce drop-down shows product variations with an unattractive list. definitely the best option for variable products that come with multiple variations.

Image Variation Swatch For Product Page

WooCommerce Image Variation Swatch plugin will help customers to have a proper overview of the products they desire to buy. When it comes to displaying images as product variation, this option comes handy and highly engaging for conversion.

image variation swatch for product

Image variation does more than color swatches. The use of images in swatches provides a pleasant way to display variations of a product. In place of text attributes, using images makes your product listing easier to interact with.

Button / Label Variation Swatch For Product Page

WooCommerce Variation Swatches plugin has the option to show a button or label swatch on variation. It’s easier to offer a clear and complete overview of all the available product options, regardless of which and how many.

button label variation swatch for product

For showing available colors, sizes, quantity, and other variation related details, button/ label variation swatch extensively boost conversion. It’s the most effective way to make all the available options visible for products.

Radio Variation Swatch For Product Page

Radio buttons are customer-friendly as compared to dropdown selects. When dropdowns are changed to radio buttons, that helps to have a better UX in a WooCommerce store. Additionally, the radio button is a quicker way for the user to scan all the options and choose one.

add radio variation swatch

In most scenarios, it’s difficult for the customers to compare in a select dropdown menu. That’s what comes with the default WooCommerce feature.

However, the radio button feature of our WooCommerce Variation Swatches plugin helps customers to view all the possibilities without having to scroll through a drop-down list.  Also, it acts as a variation list for WooCommerce variable products.

Highlight Your Special Attribute

By using this efficient WooCommerce Variation Swatches plugin, make the desired single attribute standout and highlighted. As well as, the attribute can be enlarged when this swatches plugin is used. It’s a great way to promote specific items or features of your WooCommerce store.

highlight special attribute for WooCommerce Variation Swatches

A store owner might have plenty of attributes on WooCommerce store. Highlighting special product attributes is a great way to encourage customers about that product. That’s an easier way to attract site visitors to specific products.

Product Page Variation Image Tooltip

Sometimes text tooltip is not enough to convince all customers. In that scenario, the image tooltip option plays a vital role by showing image tooltip in WooCommerce attribute variation.

product page variation image tooltip

The variation image tooltip features of this plugin can be used to show different product information. Such as name, short details, price, rating and etc. The additional product information like color, size, manufacturers can also be shown in the tooltip.

Customizable Tooltip Text

Tooltip is a fantastic way to present a significant amount of information. It indicates the variation details to explain more. WooCommerce Variation Swatches plugin allows customizing the title text and tooltip background from the admin backend.  

customizable tooltip text

Tooltip is mainly used to display explanatory text that every user might not need to go through. In that case, our Variation Swatches plugin has the option to enable it.

 Blur / Hide Out of Stock Variation

Showing out of stock variation seems unnecessary. So most of the store owners want to hide out of stock variation products. It offers an option to blur or hide the out of stock variation products.

blur or hide out of stock WooCommerce Variation Swatches

Though out of stock items can be hidden from the default WooCommerce settings. But doing this will hide out of stock items everywhere on your online store.

Suppose, you sell clothes that have 3 different sizes (small, medium and large). For example, small size products of your store are out of stock. Customers may select from filters to bring all the products that have variation small in size. Normally, out of products will also be appeared in search.

WooCommerce Variation Swatches plugin is handy in such situations.

Rounded and Square Shape For Variation

There are options for styling swatches such as rounded or squared attribute variation swatches shape. It is one of the unique and helpful features of this Variation Swatches plugin for WooCommerce.

rounded or squared shape for WooCommerce Variation Swatches

For showing more than two or three characters in swatches or add color and image swatch exclusively. Using Square shape instead of Round is the best practice in similar situations.

Show Attribute Variation Remaining Stock Quantity

When you are selling products having multiple attribute variations like color and size, it’s really essential to show the remaining product variation so that it can help to create an urge to purchase a specific limited variation as soon as possible.

This option is available in our plugin. It can show the clients all the remaining stock for variation. Hence, the chances of making your site usability better sales will be increase.

Key Features are Well Documented

The UX of this plugin is impressive that helps to understand each available feature quickly. There is no need to read any manual comprehensively. It’s very easy and straightforward.

However, our expert team has added detailed resources to keep users informed. All features and functions of this Variation Swatches plugin are provided in this complete guide.

A well-documentation will add value to any products. That’s why we have given full efforts to provide an organized, easier to use, up to date and thus, more useful documents.

Friendly and Quickest Support in the Industry

Our WooCommerce Variation Swatches plugin has 300+ positive customer reviews on the WordPress plugin directory. Out of that, maximum reviews are given for its extraordinary support.

The maximum users of this plugin are WordPress Developers. We know how quickly a developer needs to finish their job and deliver it to their clients. As long as your theme is coded following the standard of WooCommerce, it should perfectly work.

Besides, many WooCommerce store owners are also using this plugin. We try to make sure the features of this plugin can be comfortably accessible to them. We are committed to providing the best customer service experience.

Do not hesitate to contact us if any issue arises. Our dedicated support team is ready to fix them.

Compatible With Major Themes

It is the only Variation Swatches WooCommerce plugin in the market that runs 300k+ websites. This swatch plugin is compatible with major themes in the market, including OceanWP, Flatsome, Divi and many more.

Variation Swatches for WooCommerce offers color, radio, image and label attributes in the single WooCommerce product. It also enables them in product quick view.

If WooCommerce themes like Flatsome that come with default Quick View option are used, there is no hassle at all to load color and image swatches for variable product attribute in quick view separately.

Final Thoughts

With this WooCommerce attribute variation plugin – create size, brand, image, color, and label variation swatches. Besides, make desired swatches shape style Rounded Circle and Squared. On top of that, it allows beautiful tooltips options on variation swatch hover.

It is necessary to make your WooCommerce site more accessible to customers. Our Variation Swatches WooCommerce plugin is making it easier to choose customers’ desired products.

Last but not the least, this plugin is definitely a better choice for selecting variation options. WooCommerce Variation Swatches has lots of effective features to get more conversions and grow your online store sales.